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Clear 5 from your closet

Are you feeling stuck, wedged in, or a bit worse for wear Maybe your clothes need a bit more space in your closet.  After all, your closet r

Pack away your dinner plates

Use your salad plates instead. You can cut your calories by almost 50% without even measuring just by eating off the smaller salad plates.

List your next 3 meals

To start meal planning in one small step, take five to ten minutes to list your next 3 dinners, your next 3 breakfasts, or your next 3 meals

Set a SMALL goal

Give yourself permission to try the goal out. Make it short term. That’s the S in SMALL — short term. If your goal is to dance to one song a

Dance to one song a day

You may wonder why I started off with dance as your first small step to weight loss. I could have suggested you start walking or go to the g

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