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What's in your day? Part 1

What's in your day?

I'll be asking you to look at the answers to three questions over the next several blogs that will help you make progress toward your goals, whether it's weight loss, weight maintenance or just happiness and health (which is everything really).

What's not there that should be?

Before we clear your schedule of any activities that are sucking your time away, let's start with what's not there.

After all, until you have something better to do or enjoy, why bother freeing up your time? Why put the TV remote control down if you're just going to put something less enjoyable in its place?

What's not on your schedule that you think should be there? I'm not talking chores or to-dos, I'm asking about the things that support you, increase your energy, power your dreams, enhance your growth, and sustain your spirit. Things that make you go mmmmm, ahhhhhh, and yesssss!

What are some of the things you've wanted to do but haven't found the time for? Pick one to focus on this week.

  • Take a vacation (2 weeks or 2 days)

  • Get a massage

  • Read

  • Take a class

  • Journal

  • Chat with a friend

  • Paint, write, create

  • Sleep

  • Dance or other activity just for the fun of it

  • Enjoy your hobby

  • Rest

  • Relax

  • ________________________________ (fill in your ongoing wish for more time)

What are things you know will support your goals and dreams if they ever make it into your day? Even if they don't excite your motivation (yet), take note of activities that will power your success.

  • Physical activity

  • Meal planning

  • Shopping

  • Cooking

  • Clearing away clutter

  • Going to your doctor

  • ________________________________ (fill in your ongoing wish for more time)

Some of you have schedules full of work and family and little time for you. Others might have schedules filled with a lot of personal time but need help with focusing on other critical activities, such as work projects, building a business, organizing your home, or writing that book.

Now you have a list of things you can and want to do once you've opened up your schedule. By identifying what needs to be added to your schedule (for more fun and success) you can then begin to make better choices with your time once you've cleared space (or rather time) in your schedule.

We'll look at what's in your schedule next (What's in your day? Part 2) and the tools you can use (What's in your day? Part 3) but for now...

What’s ONE activity you want to do?

Quote: I've failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan


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